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Invitation - Bulletin 1 (WRE)

Finnish Long Distance Orienteering Championships September 2-3, 2023

Kalevan Rasti is hosting the Finnish Long Distance Orienteering Championships in Herajoki, in the municipality of Joensuu. The competition is also a World Ranking Event (WRE) in the classes H21 and D21.

Competition rules and instructions

Competition rules as well as directives for Finnish Championships of the Finnish Orienteering Federation (FOF), guidelines of the International Orienteering Federation for World Ranking Events, and instructions given by the organisers shall be followed.


Estimated winning times are in accordance with the rules of the FOF. Estimated winning times in the qualification races are 50 minutes in H21 and 43 minutes in D21. In the final, 95 minutes and 75 minutes, respectively.


The H21, H20, H18, H16, H15, D21, D20, D18, D16, D15, H35, H40, H45, H50, H55, H60, H65, H70, and H75 classes have a qualification race on Saturday, and the final takes place on Sunday. The H80, H85, H90, D35, D40, D45, D50, D55, D60, D65, D70, D75, D80, D85 and D90 have a final, without a qualification race, on Sunday. Those born 2008 or earlier are allowed to participate in the Finnish Long Distance Championships. A B-final will take place on Sunday September 3rd in the classes H/D 15-21 and H35-75 for those who do not qualify for the A-final, and also for those who did not finish or did not start in the qualification. If in any of these classes there are less than 60 entries for the qualification race, all runners with an approved result in the qualification in that class will qualify for the A-final, and a B-final will not be held. In that case, those who did not finish, did not start or were disqualified in the qualification may run in the open class on Sunday.


Entries are made primarily through the IRMA service. International runners who do not have IRMA ID, register via IOF Eventor (WRE classes H21, D21). Entries must be made no later than Thursday, August 24th, at 11.59 pm. Late registration is not possible. All competitors entering WRE classes (H21, D21) must have an IOF-ID, issued by the IOF. Instructions on how to obtain the IOF-ID can be found on the IOF website.

Entry fees

The entry fee for WRE classes H21 and D21 is 54,00 €; classes H/D15-20 and H35-H75 51,00 €; classes D35-90 and H80-90 34,00 €. When registering via IRMA, the entry fee is also paid in the IRMA service. Foreigners registering via IOF Eventor must pay the entry fee in euros no later than Thursday, August 24th, at 11.59 p.m. using the following bank details:

Account owner Kalevan Rasti
Bank name Pohjois-Karjalan OP
Bank Address Koskikatu 9, 80100 Joensuu, Finland
IBAN FI18 5770 0510 0234 81

The name of the competitor shall be written in the information field.

Guiding and competition centre

The competition centre is located in Hirvilahti, in Eno, about 60 km north of Joensuu. Directions to the competition centre starts from road number 515, between Ahveninen and Romppala, at the Herajoki junction (coordinates 62.936412, 30.060073), at the address Herajoentie 1, Joensuu (Google Maps link). Driving time from the start of the signage to the competition centre is 10 minutes. The competition centre is at a farm house, the address is Herajoentie 660. It is also possible to arrive from the direction of Koli, along Kolin Rantatie. We intend to organise bus transportation from the centre of Joensuu to the competition centre. If you are interested in this, please contact sm2023@kalevanrasti.fi no later than 24th August 2023.


Parking is in a field. Walking distance from parking to the competition centre is 100-800 meters. Parking fee is 5 € per day, and should be paid at the information desk. Campervans can be parked 800 meters from the competition centre, and it is also possible to stay overnight there between Friday September 1st, 6 pm to Sunday September 3rd, 4 pm. Parking space for campervans and caravans can also be found at Ahvenisen Punanen Talo, address Ahvenisentie 1441, 81260 Joensuu.


The first start in the qualification is at 11.00 am, and in the final at 10.00 am. The distances to the starts are 2-3 km. The classes H/D21 have a quarantine zone, nearby the start, which must be entered no later than at 11.30am in the qualification, and no later than at 11.00 am in the A-final. Other classes do not have a quarantine. There will be clothing transport from the starts.


Orienteering map, scale 1:15000 (classes H/D15-21, offset printed), 1:10000 (classes H/D35-45, printed), 1:7500 (classes H/D50-90, printed). Field survey has been made between 05/2021-07/2023 by Petteri Hakala and Jussi Silvennoinen. There is no old orienteering map of the competition area.


The competition terrain is located in the southern part of the hills of Koli. The biggest height differences in the terrain are about 160 m. The terrain is diverse; the forest changes between areas of drier pine forest to lush deciduous forest, areas with traces of forestry as well as nature conservation areas with old forest. The level of detail varies between in the terrain varies from hills with only regular contour shapes on the map to slopes that are littered with cliffs and re-entrants. The area close to the competition centre is less steep, making the shorter courses less demanding physically.

Punching system

Emit punching will be used. The Emit number must be given when entering the competition. If no Emit number is given, a rented Emit card will be assigned to the competitor for a renting fee of 10 €. The rented Emit card is available at the info. If the rented card is not returned, a fee of 90 € will be collected.

Cafe and restaurant

The menu and a list of products with prices will be available on the competition website.

Toilet, changing rooms and washing

There are toilets in the competition centre, at the parking area and in the starts. There are no indoor facilities for changing clothes. Outdoor showers with warm water are available.


There will be a childcare service in the competition centre.


Contact information to local accommodations will be available on the competition website. Hotel rooms have been pre-reserved for competition guests in the new hotel in Koli, opening during the summer 2023. Please find information on the competition website.

Training possibilities

On the competition website, there is information about the training package, which is available the whole summer. The competition area is embargoed, but a model event map will be available from July 1st, 2023.

Main organizers

Event director: Eeva Punta, eeva.punta@kalevanrasti.fi, tel. +358 400 298 465
Head of the course setter group: Jussi Silvennoinen, jussi.silvennoinen@kalevanrasti.fi, tel. +358 40 766 3959
Other course setters: Miika Hernelahti and Petteri Hakala
Communication Mervi Pötry, media.sm2023@kalevanrasti.fi
IOF Event Adviser: Börje Vartiainen
FOF Adviser: Erno Aalto

The competition website
Welcome to the majestic wilderness of the Koli area!

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