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SM-Long 2.-3.9.2023

[Suomeksi - Finnish]

The Finnish Long Distance Orienteering Championship will be held in the Höllärinvaara area on 2.-3.9.2023 in the terrain between Ahveninen and Herajoki. The competition is an international ranking competition (WRE) in addition to the Finnish championship. On Saturday 2.9. there will be qualification competitions and on Sunday 3.9. the finals.

The mappers are Jussi Silvennoinen and Petteri Hakala. Jussi Silvennoinen is the leader of the course planners, the other members are Miika Hernelahti and Petteri Hakala.

The competition director is Eeva Punta and the technical director is Markku Piironen.

The competition centre is in Hirvilahti. The competition centre is just under an hour's drive from Joensuu. Parking will be arranged in the immediate vicinity of the competition centre in the field parks at a price of 5 EUR/car/day.

Overnight parking for caravans is available in the yard of the Ahveninen Punanen house.

Accommodation is available in the Koli area, Joensuu and Lieksa. The distance from the centre to Koli is 22 km. We will inform you more about our partners' options during February.

For more information about the competition arrangements, please contact sm2023@kalevanrasti.fi.

The competition area is only 150 km from Kuopio, where the World Orienteering Championships will take place in 2025. The competition terrain has many similarities to areas embargoed for WOC 2025. The competition can easily be combined with the middle distance World Ranking Event in Kuopio one week earlier (August 26th, 2023).